4 Ways to Keep the Bedroom Hot

4 Ways to Keep the Bedroom Hot
To keep the bedroom hot, follow these 4 pieces of advice.

These 4 ways to keep the bedroom hot should be done by all parties dedicated to keeping your relationship healthy. You never know what these 4 things can lead to.

4 ways to keep the bedroom hot is not another sexual position and kinky game article. This is an article that will help couples keep their bedroom hot while heating up the rest of their relationship. Most people forget there are many different moving parts to a relationship but it doesn’t become a problem until those now non-working parts of the relationship starts to affect the action in the bedroom.

With these 4 ways, couples will be able to address their physical cravings in the bedroom while possibly addressing some of the unspoken issues in other areas of the relationship.

1 of 4 Ways to Keep the Bedroom Hot: Remember the Foreplay

I don’t care who you are, foreplay starts well before you get to the bedroom. There should be something about you that turns your partner on and that is what you use to get the foreplay started. If you want to have sex on a regular basis, you must remember the importance of foreplay.

When you are ready to have sex, how so you approach your partner? Are you polite and ask for it? Do you just lead them to the bedroom and start immediately? If you roll over every so often just to satisfy a craving, you are in a bad position. Please remember there is something called foreplay. Most people start making love or having sex with their partner well before they come together physically.

Some of the most popular ways to engage in foreplay include:

  • Communication
  • Touch
  • Laughter
  • Affection

There should never be a time that your partner thinks you are uninterested or don’t care what’s going on in their life. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same song when you ask how their day was. Your partner probably knows you aren’t interested but it’s sexy and comforting that you care enough to ask anyway. When you have a solid line of communication with your partner, you can use that to keep the bedroom hot with a little kinky communication. PRIVATE kinky communication.

Touch is a powerful thing. The way you use your hands can lead to a hot quickie, a night of blistering passion or a cold shower. When you see your partner, touch them. Hold their hands. Brush their hair from their face. When they are speaking with someone else, walk up behind them and rub their back just to let them know you are there and on their team. Couples that stop touching completely should be aware there are some issues that are deeper than not having sex. It’s time to reacquaint yourself with the skin of your partner and let them get used to your hands again.

Laughing is something that most people don’t understand. There is a lot that can be communicated with laughter. Comfort, happiness and just enjoying the feeling of the moment can be communicated with laughter. Instead of being so serious about yourself or the moment, let your guard down and let that cute laughter ring out. Laughter releases endorphins and that’s what you want for your partner, for them to feel good and relax. Not only does it make you both feel good, it promotes a feeling of closeness and that’s what you want right?

Affection is much like touch but a little more intimate. When you are affectionate with your partner, you are reminding them you are attracted to them. You are reminding your partner that you are sexually interested in them. Affection can let your partner know you are aware of their being, show them you are turned on by them or an indicator that it’s going down in the bedroom so get ready. When partners touch and are affectionate, they are building their bond and a sense of security and confidence. A simple kiss on the forehead or pulling your partner close to you just to breathe their scent can bring more heat to the bedroom than a low-budget porn can.

2 of 4 Ways to Keep the Bedroom Hot: Keep it Random and Spontaneous

When sex starts to feel like a chore, you are doing it wrong. Sex should not just be about cumming as fast as possible and going on with the business of living. Sex should be about mutual pleasure and satisfaction. Without mutual pleasure and satisfaction, who wants to do it again. If it causes calories to burn, there should be some satisfaction that comes from it.

Life is hectic. Couples get busy and there are often other responsibilities that get in the way of having sex consistently. Instead of waiting for the expected or scheduled time to have sex, watch your partner and note when the best opportunities come up to have a sexual encounter. If you know the kids go to granny’s house every afternoon and are gone for 2 hours, don’t let your partner work or pick up toys, make love. If you know there is a 45-minute window of time before your partner leaves for work, give them a reason to be late.

There is something sexy about walking into the world knowing you just had a good round of sex.

3 of 4 Ways to Keep the Bedroom Hot: Fantasy Sex Should be a Thing

Fantasy sex isn’t about being with another person. It’s not always about trying something you saw on a movie that looked interesting. While all that is fine, fantasy sex is about what you really want. Do you want more oral action? Do you just want to be taken hard and fast every so often? Those are the fantasies that lead to many problems in the relationship. Those fantasies lead to problems because they are left unspoken and that desire is unfulfilled.

Partners that want to stay together should learn how to speak of their fantasies. What do you think about that makes you hot? What do you want your partner to do to and with you sexually? Those talks will lead to a new and sexy openness that will often translate to some steamy sexual interludes.

4 of 4 Ways to Keep the Bedroom Hot: Bedroom Playtime is Real

There is nothing wrong with a little role playing and surprise moves. When two consenting adults want to play bedroom games, there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make anyone a sexual deviant nor does wanting to tell your partner these fantasies make you a bad person. Talking to your partner about sexual fantasies that you have makes you a normal person with a healthy sexual appetite.

When it comes to bedroom playtime, it can be something as small as trying a new sexual position. A new sexual position may allow for some sensations to be felt that have never been explored. For others, bedroom playtime is as elaborate as inviting a third into their bedroom. No matter what the fantasy is, partners should discuss those and work toward making these fantasies come true.

When it comes to what works in the bedroom, there is no right or wrong. There is only new and untried vs old and boring. There should never be a reason to let things go stale between partners because there are many ways to keep the bedroom hot and the love strong. These 4 ways of keeping the bedroom hot may do more than bring heat. They may bring affection, attention and a deeper bond between couples than expected. Don’t hesitate to heat the bedroom when it’s time to build the relationship. We all should start from somewhere and the most pleasure can be found in your lover’s arms.

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