4 Steps to More with Your Spouse

4 Steps to More with Your Spouse

These 4 steps to more isn’t just about more sex. It’s about getting more from your spouse than you’ve currently been getting so keep reading.

4 steps to more with your spouse doesn’t just have to be about sex. It is about intimacy and improving your relationship with the person that you love. To be clear, better intimacy and a better relationship can naturally lead to more sex. For most married couples, satisfaction doesn’t always come from sex. It comes from knowing your needs are being met by your significant other and that you are meeting the needs (s)he has. Those that feel that way about their spouse often enjoy a satisfaction that even sex can’t match. And people that have a good relationship with their wife often have the kind of sex that most single people and unhappy people can only dream of.

Reading these 4 steps may not immediately bring you to the peak of pleasure but the ride is well worth it.

Every relationship is different. Those that are determined to make their marriage work will know that it takes a lot of WORK to keep everything going. There will be rough times and there will be happy times but through it all, you should remain focused on keeping a great relationship with your spouse. For those that want to improve or just don’t have a clue, these 4 steps to more will take you on a journey that you didn’t expect.

4 Steps to More: Date Night NEVER Gets Old

Remember the days of going out, just the two of you and enjoying yourself? Remember those times of laughter and getting to know bae? Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop dating your boo and you will be amazed at what you learn about them.

Most people think they know everything there is to know about their significant other after they’ve gotten married. You don’t. Women and men grow and evolve daily. Women and men are creatures that enjoy many different things in life and if you never take the time to focus on who they are, you will soon wake up next to a stranger. There is no reason for that when the easiest way to reintroduce yourself to your spouse is to date regularly.

Dating doesn’t have to be a weekly thing. It doesn’t even have to be extravagant. Date night can be an event at home where it’s just the 2 of you with no distractions. Stay at home, eat popcorn and snuggle on the sofa. Dress up and go to a restaurant for a bite to eat. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it’s pleasurable for both and there is some connection. When you go out, laugh and make more little memories that will make them smile when they are away from you.

For those that are focusing on the sex aspect, remember when you put effort into making them smile and paying attention, (s)he is more likely to pay attention to your needs and satisfy those as well.

4 Ways to More: Give Compliments Consistently and Sincerely

When was the last time you ever really noticed something about your boo thang and commented on it? Was it something that was negative? Is it always something negative? If that is your habit, you have a lot of work to do.

When you notice something about your significant other, it should be a positive thing. When you compliment him or her, it shouldn’t be to get something from them. It should be because you genuinely noticed something and want to pay them a compliment. It doesn’t matter if (s)he has gained weight from having kids or caring for kids, hasn’t changed their hair color or tee shirt since the Middle Ages, look at your spouse, find something good and give a sincere compliment. That should be a habit that never goes out of practice. Consistent compliments to bae are very important.

It is an important thing for your spouse because it lets them know that you are paying attention. It lets them know that they are important enough for you to see what (s)he has been doing and compliment them on it. Being in a relationship is hard work and being complimented on a job well done or being attractive to you is something everyone appreciates and needs to hear.

Consistent and sincere compliments will bring a nicer person to the surface and will help your spouse feel appreciated. There is nothing that motivates a person to work harder for any relationship than sincere appreciation.

4 Steps to More: Seduction Starts Outside the Bedroom

While you may want seduction to lead to the bedroom, it starts outside the bedroom. Have you noticed the soft smile on your wife’s face when she talks to you about what you used to do to get her in the mood? All those little touches and kisses? Do you remember spending time with him, doing what he liked and helping him when you really wanted to be somewhere else? That is the start of seduction and you need to start over again.

Most people like to be stimulated and that stimulation starts with in the mind. A woman must know she is with someone that is protective and that cares for her. When she has a bad day, let her vent and get it out. If she needs something done around the house, do it before she starts nagging or even asks for it to be done. There is nothing sexier to a woman that a mate that wants to take care of her and appears to enjoy doing it. The same can be said for a man. If you know he has a need that has not been met, meet the need! If you know that he likes a certain thing, pick it up and keep it stocked in the house. Stimulation is a two-way street and should be traveled both ways, consistently.

All these non-bedroom seduction activities will show your spouse that they are a priority and your first choice. That is sexy to anyone and rouses the part of them that may not have been so responsive in the bedroom. When your spouse is happy outside of the bedroom, they are often more than happy to participate in the bedroom.

4 Steps to More: Fantasies Should Come True

There is nothing wrong with wanting to fulfill your boo’s fantasies. Do you even know their fantasies? In order to learn one another’s fantasies, there is a certain amount of trust that must be established. For a person to open up to be that vulnerable, they should know you won’t judge them or use what turns them on against them in bad times.

Trust is a must when trying to discover fantasies, but communication is the key that will unlock the trove of unspoken fantasies. To ensure your spouse feels comfortable telling you their most intimate thoughts, make it a habit to talk. Sit down next to your significant other and talk to them about anything that matters to both of you, things that you are both have a genuine interest in.

With an established pattern of trust and great communication, you will have the opportunity to make some wild fantasies come true for you both.

There are several ways you can get more from your spouse in the bedroom. What you may not have realized is that to get more from them in the bedroom, you must give more outside of the bedroom.

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